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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about the cameras

There is a small red filter in front of the camera lens that looks loose - is my camera broken?

No. The filter is used by the camera when infra-red photos or video is captured at night. The camera will move the filter into the correct position (in front of, or away from the camera lens) at the time the camera is activated.

A blue light is on in the LED array - what does this mean?

This means the camera cannot draw sufficient power from the batteries. This can happen even with brand new batteries if they are poorer quality.

We have had success with all of the following:

  • Ultracell Max (about $2 for 4 batteries at Aldi) - although short life
  • Energizer Alkalines
  • Energizer Lithium-Ion (about $20 per 4 batteries, ultra long life)

We can recommend good quality lithium-ion batteries. Despite the initial price tag the increased battery life mean that lithium ions are more cost-efficient than alkalines. They are also lighter to carry and your cameras will require servicing less frequently (as long as your SD card does not fill up first!)

When I plug the remote control into the camera, nothing comes up - is my camera broken?

The most likely explanation - especially if this is a brand-new camera - is that your batteries are not delivering enough charge. Please see the previous FAQ for more information on battery choice.

If you are convinced that the batteries are not to blame, then it is possible that there is a fault with the camera. Please read through the warranty information in these FAQs.

What is the trigger distance?

During testing, Wildlife Monitoring mounted a camera at a height of 1.5m (4' 11") off the ground. A house cat (normal size - about 30cm, or 13" tall) was photographed at a distance of 9m (29').

The photo was taken at night and the infrared flash was bright enough to illuminate the cat and a considerable amount of the ground behind the cat.

If the cat had been walking away from the camera the flash would still have illuminated it at an even greater distance (specification indicates a flash range of 40 feet), but in this case the trigger distance was 9 metres, or 29 feet.

Questions about accessories

What batteries should I use?

Alkaline or lithium-ion batteries work best.

The camera can use 4x AA batteries, or 8x AA batteries (for longer battery life).

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is the most expensive to purchase (at about $20 per 4) but has a much longer battery life and you will end up with better value for money. Longer battery life also means less time spent servicing the camera (providing your memory card does not fill up).

Li-ion batteries are also lighter, which may be significant for customers who are walking several cameras into deployment locations.

Note: The camera will not function with poorer quality batteries, even if the batteries are brand new. Please also see the FAQ "A blue light is on in the LED array - what does this mean?" (above)

What locks do I need to secure my camera?

Up to 3 locks may be used:

Python cable This can be used to secure a camera directly to an anchor point (such as a tree trunk). It has an inbuilt lock and comes with 2 keys. The camera housing has a groove in it so that the python cable can be used to secure the camera. The python cable can also be used to secure the security box to an anchor point (such as a tree trunk). When used this way the cable actually threads through the security box cover as well, preventing access to the camera inside. An additional padlock for the box is optional as it may, in theory, be possible to open the cover enough to remove the camera, but this is unlikely.
Security box The security box is composed of two separate metal pieces. The front piece can be removed in order to place the camera into the box, or to remove the camera. When a python cable is used to secure the box to an anchor point (such as a tree), you will not easily be able to remove the box cover. In this instance a padlock for the cover is optional. The hole for a padlock is 50mm.
Camera cover The camera cover is a panel that slides into place to protect access to the SD card, USB ports, batteries, etc. It ships as part of the camera. If your camera is not inside a security box then you will need a small padlock to prevent access to the SD card. The hole is 20mm. Determined intruders could still break into the camera to access the SD card by breaking the camera housing at the point where the padlock is used. If security is a high priority then it is recommended that a security box be used instead. If a security box is used then no lock is required for the camera cover.
None Of course you may use the camera without any security features. The camera ships with a fabric strap and buckle which can be used to attach the camera to an anchor point (such as a tree).

Questions about ordering

What is the ordering process?

  1. Send me the details of the items you require. Include your shipping address and the name to appear on your invoice.
  2. We will forward a quotation to you as a PDF document, via email. The quotation includes payment instructions.
  3. Check the order details on the quotation. Also check the shipping address.
  4. Make payment (or supply a purchase order - Australian government departments only)
  5. Your order will be dispatched for shipping within 24 hours of your funds clearing
  6. Delivery can take between 6 and 10 business days from the time of dispatch. Most orders arrive on the 6th or 7th business day.
  7. Order online now
  8. Make an enquiry

Can I pay by credit card?


Credit card payments are made through the Australian PayPal website. This requires you to create a free user account with PayPal using an email address that you control.

There is a 3.3% surcharge for payments made by credit card.

See our instructions for paying by credit card

Do I need a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card?


See our instructions for paying by credit card

Why is there an additional fee for paying by credit card?

At present the cost of maintaining dedicated credit card facilities is not practical. Payment by credit card through PayPal is offered as an additional payment method for those customers that really want it.

Other payment options include

  • Direct deposit (funds transfer) - usually the fastest method of clearing funds
  • Cheque
  • Money order
  • Purchase order (for Australian government departments only, and by arrangement)

Can I use a Purchase Order to order cameras?

Australian government departments may supply a purchase order to place a camera order. A credit limit may apply - please contact us with your enquiry.

Other businesses may not at this time place orders using purchase orders.

Can I purchase the cameras and remote controls separately?


The manufacturers of the Scout Guard cameras are constantly improving their designs. Regular updates to the firmware (software) are made - therefore each remote control must be used with the camera for which it was designed.

One recent design improvement was to increase the size of the USB connection that sits between the remote and the camera in order to make design more rugged.

If remote controls and cameras could be purchased separately there would be a good chance that some buyers would eventually try to use remote controls with incompatible camera versions. Therefore remote controls and cameras cannot be purchased separately.

Questions about warranty

What is covered by the warranty?

Each camera purchased through Wildlife Monitoring is covered by a 12 month warranty.

The warranty does not include the cost of shipping the camera back to the manufacturer in the United States.

The warranty does include the cost of shipping the repaired camera, or a replacement camera, back to you.

Cameras which are returned under a valid warranty claim will either be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion.

How do I start a warranty claim?

In order to process a warranty claim, please contact Wildlife Monitoring and we will first try to assist you in getting the camera working, and then assist with processing your claim if it is still required.

I bought my camera from someone else - can I claim warranty through you?

Yes - if the camera was purchased less than 12 months ago you can process warranty claims with us. You will need to supply the serial number of the camera when you make your claim.

Questions about refunds

What is your refund policy?

Please read our refund policy for full details.

Questions about Wildlife Monitoring

Are you in Australia?


The Wildlife Monitoring office is located in Peakhurst, Sydney, Australia.

The postal address is:

PO Box 4012
NSW 2210

Are you registered for goods and services tax (GST)?


Prior to 1 January 2010, Wildlife Monitoring issued invoices with a nil GST component.

From 1 January 2010 onwards Wildlife Monitoring is issuing invoices with a non-nil GST component.

How can I contact you?

You may contact Wildlife Monitoring online through our contact form.

You may phone on 1300 103 101 (within Australia).

If possible, please use the online form to make contact in the first instance.